Welcome to Feather’s Insight 2.0!

Hello amazing souls and welcome to Feather’s Insight 2.0!

I can’t express the happiness I have right now to be able to re-launch this brain baby! As anything else, this will take time. I have bits and pieces, here and there but it will shortly all come together.

2.0 will of course bring back the blog that will be home to many topics and discussions regarding opinions, spirituality, goals, open mindedness, weight loss  as well as many other themes, Bodhi will be launching hopefully in he spring, this is a new branch of FI, so stay tuned and then of course my oracle/tarot readings.

I hope this site will bring peace, guidance, inspiration and maybe even some laugher to your day. I want this to be a place where people can come to explore and learn new things, question old ones and start something different. I want this to be a hub of growth and wellness.

I hope you will all join me in exploring everything that has been left for us to explore!


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