Prompt Week 1:”What dream have you put on hold because the timing wasn’t right?”

Good morning beautiful souls!

For anyone else out there like me, sometimes you may find that getting writing can be difficult; you might be sitting there for 15 mins and have nothing to write, you go into meditation over the matter and your still struggling. Well I have decided that once a week I will be doing  a writing prompt and will be posting them here to hopefully someone else can experience the awesomeness of a writing prompt!

Today’s prompt gets us to talk about a dream or aspiration we haven’t pursued and why we haven’t pursued it. So lets take a punch at it shall we?

This topic for me is actually an emotional one and believe it or not, has to do with which is also directly linked to Feather’s Insight. For a long time, I have always wanted to work for myself, be that power woman and rock it. For me, Feather’s Insight is that rock. I have been cultivating and manifesting its existence for years and even up to this day I have been planting the seeds to harvest it. Everything takes times and I fully understood that going in, but what I have a hard time accepting is the constant rollercoaster of what this will bring next. I am trying to be a kick ass entrepreneur and I have to start somewhere, but for months I have had a really hard time seeing a reliable income from doing the blogs and the readings and workshops. Have I really been manifesting it to the best of my abilities? Maybe not.

It is very possible that the timing for this venture wasn’t right, and while I was planting img_3648seeds, finding and utilizing resources, I had to learn lessons also. I truly feeling that the timing couldn’t get better right now. I think it is utterly crazy that for the last 4 or 5 days straight, when I shuffle my Arch Angel Michael Oracle deck and ask for my daily guidance, 3 out of 4 cards have been identical every single day! Believe and trust, New Beginnings and Fresh Start and loved ones are taken care of. Does that not scream “get your ass in gear” or what?!

But before I could pursue all of this, I had to evaluate my wellness, I had to fail at a few things and get turned down, I had to experience certain things in life I wasn’t allowing myself to, I had to rest. But now, my ideas and concepts are coming to fruition and I am so excited. I hope anyone reading this is just as excited because I know so much will be coming. This year is going to be about harvest and growth. This year will be about change.

This is my dream, this is everything I want to do. I am just now, slowly but surly picking up the pieces to make it work.

What is a dream or idea that you have been putting aside because the timing didn’t feel right?


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