What really is fat?

Hello loves!

Welcome to the first post that is a part of my “Shedding the Past” line. This is essentially my weight loss journey. So weekly, I will be updating you on whats going on and what I am doing. This holds me accountable and allows me to support others who are having similar struggles.

So I have a large library of books here at home and I decided to go hunting for a very specific book. The book I was looking for was “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay. This is a cute little book with lots of good info in it, but more specifically what different illnesses and struggles actually mean. So naturally I flipped through to the fat or overweight section. After reading this I almost cried. She couldn’t have hit it on the head any more perfect. Everything I wrote resembled exactly what I was going through and I couldn’t believe it.

Okay your probably asking by now, “Carly what does fat or overweight really mean?”
Well folks, according to Louise Hay and her book, being overweight is a self defence mechanism. A shield against the external world, not providing self love or rejecting feelings. I am having the hardest time losing weight right now but I am also holding everything in and not letting anything go. I am hoarding thoughts and emotions, and I am so scared I will get judged.

Now this is no excuse, losing weight and gaining weight take just as much work, it comes down to food, exercise, lifestyle and so much more, but I do believe that being able to let all of it go, will help me detach and maybe lose some weight. I can just really resonate with it right now.

My current stats:
Starting Weight: 190 lbs
Current Weight: 185.7 lbs
Goal Weight: 145lbs

Since starting this journey, I have only changed a few noticeable things that can account for a drastic change in weight loss. Five pounds isn’t that much to most people, but after being the same weight for months and not budging, even though I was trying, five is a lot.
I started weight watchers, I am on a point system for portioning, I go to the gym on a off, minimum once or twice a week, I eat a minimum of 3 meals and 1 snack a day, where as before I would maybe eat 2 meals a day, I meditate twice a day, I look to my cards for guidance every morning, and I have began to detach and cut cords through meditation and writing techniques.

I continue to remain motivated and hopeful that everything will work out. I am always looking for ways and methods to explore different options.

If you have any support, please let me know!


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