Reading for the week of Feb 5-11

Happy Sunday amazing souls and happy Law of Pure Potentiality!

If your not familiar with Deepak Chopra’s Law’s for Success, I definitely encourage you to check them out! You can grab his book or look up the Chopra Center.
Sunday’s or the day for pure potentiality represents just being, sitting in silence and being, a day of rest and meditation. So what is a better day than today to kick off the weekly card reading.

How will these work?
Every Sunday, I will pull 7 cards. One that represents each day of the week. I will probably use a different deck every time so we can grow and learn from different styles. I will shuffle the cards with the intention for daily guidance coming from Love and Light.

Deck being used: Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild img_0725img_2007

Sunday: Sacred Convergence; On Sunday you may feel a sense of bonding with someone, a feeling of pursuing something larger than yourself. Dig deep for that purpose, the universe won’t provide it up front and centre but it is there. Follow your intuition and you will find it.With this spike in energy, you will probably feel more energized and “alive”. Take advantage of this mood to move forward with future plans.

Monday: She offers the sacred wine, so drink!; Today is a good day for you to reflect on both sides of a situation. Consider your temptations, desires and needs. Seriously analyze a situation before you commit, don’t ask spontaneously. But also, allow yourself to step away from the personal troubles and tribulations, so you can spend time on yourself.

Tuesday: You, who show the way; Tuesday will be the day to show the world your talents. Accept that you are someones inspiration and role model. Stand up straight and prove to the world you know what your doing. There are people looking up to you. Take your leap of faith, and pursue what you know you can achieve!

Wednesday: A new Gown; Today an offering presents itself. Will you allow yourself the pleasure of taking it? A new opportunity to take pride in. You are so close to your dharma, keep an eye open for it and grab it when it presents itself!

Thursday: Sacred Union; On Thursday, be prepared to receive a new relationship or bondage into your life. This is sacred, passional and full of love. Embrace it! Surrender yourself to this love and embrace all of its wonderful benefits!

Friday: I surge on the uprising of love; This is a message reminding everyone to consider what is going on around you and how you react to those happenings. This acts as a reminder that we are in control of how we respond to different scenarios and that can impact the outcome. Be cautious today on how you unload your thoughts and feelings, you never know how or who it may affect.

Saturday: The all encompassing hand; If you are feeling at a loss today, this card is a reminder that everything has a beginning, middle and end. When you feel lost, directions will arrive. When you feel broken, the universe will help pick you back up. When you feel empty, the universe will provide. Don’t lose hope today. Everything will be okay! Ask and it shall be given, manifest and it shall to be provided!

Final message: This week is full of opportunity. Love yourself and love others. Share your thoughts and plans and put them into motion. There is nothing more amazing than the power of thought and manifestation! You can do this and this week is an amazing opportunity to let your colours shine!

If you have any questions or comments or want to share on your week, please feel free to comment!


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