How do I know what I am supposed to be doing?

Hello lovely souls!

I was wondering if I could get your help?

I have been awake to the fact I have gifts for a very long time. I am aware of all the potential they have and what I could achieve. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we are all here with a purpose. But I can’t seem to figure out mine.

Lately I have been feeling so stuck with my Dharma it hurts. I used to be so motivated and successful in my later high school and college years. It almost feels as though I gave everything then and have nothing left now. I feel a little lost.

I try everything everyday to try and align with what I am supposed to be doing, but I get stuck. I meditate, pull tarot and oracles, ask my guides… but still things are happening or even not happening and I feel lost again. Why have I had writers block for a week when I am supposed to be writing? Why can’t I figure out what I want to study? There are a lot of why’s…

I try to stay positive and keep a good outlook on everything that is going on. But sometimes that can be hard and thats ok.

So, I was wondering if anyone would like to share how they re-align with their goals and aspirations? How do you find your dharma? Where do you find your happiness?

Please feel free to comment below!


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