Think Space 💡🌄

Hello beautiful souls and I am so sorry I have been away from you!

I have been working on gathering muy thoughts and emotions and I have been trying to refocus myself to a bigger and better cause than what I can currently see infront of me. I am sure some of you know how hard it can be to align yourself with all of your goals and ambitions. This thought of being away and gathering myself brings me to my topic for today. A Think Space…

What is a think space you ask? Well, this is a place where you find a sense of calmness and harmony. It allows you to be laid back so you can relfect and think but not too laid back that you could sleep in this space. It is an area where your deepest and most sacred thoughts can come to light and you can work with them so make them something bigger, something better. It allows you to nurture your thoughts and emotions so you can make sense of them. A think space is different to everyone. Since people react and adjust to situations differently, every environment will be different.

For myself personally, I find great peace in cafés or rooftops. They offer that subtle yet constant buzz, they provide a scenery and they allow me to be productive and focused on the tasks at hand. If I am having a hard time getting work done at home, I pack up my stuff, get in the car and go to an area that I know I will get work done. I find happiness and peace in places like that.

I truly believe that you will know your think space when you find it. No place is better than another, but they are all beneficial in some way to you. There are soo many benefits to having a think space. You can have one area where you know you will get work done in a prompt yet calm manner, you know you will be able to reflect and function with the environment around you and you know you will be able to have a non-discruptive break when you need it. This is your work space, your enlightment space; it nurtures your inner self.

If you don’t have a think space already, I encourage you to seek one out. It could be of great value to you, maybe not today or tomorrow, but possibly a month or year from now. When you are able to look back and reflect on everything you achieved there it gives merit.

A bookstore, library, café, rooftop, theatre, park; where ever you need to go to feel a sense of peace, go there. Don’t let exterior opinions stop you.


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