Prompt Week 2: “What are you passionate about?”

Hello everyone and welcome to the second prompt post!

This weeks prompt has to do with Passions and what you are passionate about. Please feel free to join in on the prompts through the comments or social media. It would be awesome to see what everyone has to say!

Well passions… I have a lot of these. The problem is keeping them all lined up and focused on. I am having a hard time keeping my passions in check and working on them. For some reason I am finding I keep getting dragged away from them and it really is upsetting.

Most of my passions live within the spiritual and astral worlds. I find great comfort in the knowledge and understandings of things like auras, tarot cards, other dimensions. I know they exist because I have experienced them. I have a passion for learning about them and helping others with them. Writing this blog is one way I can express my passion regarding the “outer shell”. I love discovering new theories and ideas. They never seem to run out. These things keep me occupied because it is truly never ending.

Blogging and writing is another passion of mine. One I don’t give enough attention to and that is why I am trying to pursue that passion through this blog. I do hope to write multiple books one day in relation to this blog and other experiences and ideas. Being open in an introverted way.

I love to read. Reading allows me to get outside of the real and physical world, and it drops me into another dimension of its own. I can imagine and make choices without the consequences of reality hovering over my shoulder.

But most of all, I am passionate about finding myself. I have lost myself over the last few years, but I am trying to find Carly again. It has been so hard and a journey non the less, but everytime I find a peice of me, I get excited and want to find more. It is an occupation that helps my personal growth and success. The more I understand myself, I can understand others.

I hope you all have passions, and I really want to hear about them! Please post them in the comments or post on your social media and let me know!
I am looking forward to reading everyone elses passions!


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