Onto the next journey…

Hello lovely followers!

I am so sorry I have been absent. I have been going through quite the mental overload and I needed to detach. But I am back and back with more force than before.

I have started on a new journey, but don’t worry, I am still working through the last one.
I want to explain where I am coming from first though.

The point of this blog was to express my love and passion for wellness and spirituality. What this consists of is positivity, enlightenment, growth, progress and passion. For the last little while I was missing all of these things. How?! you ask.. Well it simply walked out of my life until I found it again. I hit these lows and I have a hard time getting out of them, but I put myself into a transition and I am coming out of it and I couldn’t be more excited!
As of the last week or two, I have found a spark. I have found something that makes me feel good about myself, makes me happy and positive and is allowing me to grow.
I can’t explain the excitement I feel when I am excited to get up in the morning, excited to help myself progress and help others progress also.

So here it is, here are my sparks ladies and gents…
-I got a new job
-I started a new lifestyle change program called 21 Day Fix AND I became a Wellness Coach because that how awesome this program makes me feel (in my next post I will do my introductions and thoughts and such)
-My boyfriend and I are happier than ever and we have been spending a lot of time together
-I am reading again
-I am writing again (Yay!!)
All in all, I completely changed the scenery and did a good ol’ 360!

So with all of that being said, I want to use part of this blog as a communication vessel for this new journey of mine. I want all of you wonderful people to hold me accountable on this journey and I want to share with you everything I am doing, from recipes to workouts, emotions and feelings, progress and set backs; I want to walk this with all of you.

I hope you will join me on my journey to absolute happiness!

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