21 Day Fix – Day 3

Hello again! 

Oh boy did I not sleep last night! I was so tired and groggy this morning. 

But it’s ok. I got up. I ate my breakfast and I got my task list rolling.  I have 4 things above and beyond showing up for work that are non negotiable on my daily to do list. 

  1. Do workout and drink my shake. 
  2. Do minimum 10 minutes of personal development.
  3. Plan my planner/tasks for next day. 
  4. Post to my socials minimum of 3x a day. 

These 4 things are on top of my day job and seeing friends and family. They help me stay on track with my goals and still be social and outgoing on social media. Then of course I make time for chatting with all of you and doing my coach training. 

So on days where I’m struggling to get out of bed, I do my easiest tasks first, my planner and personal development. My planner time is self explanatory. I plan out everything I need to get done and write my list for the next day. PD can be anything from listening to my coach podcasts, to reading a book or working in an app. There are all sorts of things I love to try out! 

Once I finally get up I start my media posting. This is literally anything and everything I’m doing throughout the day. Then I do my workout. I try my best to do my workout before my shakeo because I use the shakeo as fuel throughout the day. I am of course using the 21 Day Fix Program for my workouts. But if I want I can go to my Netflix of workouts and pick anything from dancing to yoga, weight training or Pilates. It’s really awesome! 

Next is my shakeo. This is one of my favourite parts of my day. This superfoods drink has been such a blessing! It’s full of pre and probiotics, proteins, enzymes and so much more and it has helped me along on my weight loss journey and has stopped my cravings. But one of my most favourite parts is that it contains biotin which means my hair and nails are growing like crazy! Check out my instagram for one of my favourite recipes; Chocolate Almond Spice!! 

Aha well there was a little sneak peak into my day! Once I did my workout I felt a lot better. 

I did consider today a “low intensity” day. I call it that because I did minimal brainwork but was still super productive. I have a brain dump session tonight with a close friend on some upcoming events (which is so darn exciting!) so I like to reserve as much mental energy as possible for these days. I’m looking forward to what this session brings us. 

Now I’m feeling pretty energized and ready to go. Just finished up some lunch which was super yummy. Some chicken fingers, qinoua and veggie curry! 

Tonight was really productive. I had a pretty good brain dump and I’m super excited to work on this project further. 

That’s it for now. Feeling a little tired but hopefully that means I’ll sleep tonight! 

Day 3 done, 18 to go! 

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