If there is one thing I have learned the last few months its balance or at least the importance of balance.
I have always been the go go girl, constantly moving, unable to stop for a breather just so I could get stuff done! I very rarely took time for myself. That was so unhealthy!

After having a solid start to my workout programs and then falling off due to work and transitions, I felt like crap. I really did feel the difference. I wasn’t having my shakes, I wasn’t meditating Β or working out. I had completely detached from my wellness.

Well I am done with that! I am so ready and committed to my wellness and getting back on track. I am doing my workouts, I am reading and meditation, I am writing again, and I have ideas for groups also!

Balance, the ability to juggle work, life and wellness all at once; the power to control what you do with your life!

So looking forward to jumping back in the sand box!

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