About Carly

Hello everyone and welcome!

My name is Carly and I am a Sheridan Alumni with a passion for helping others to succeed and doing so in a healthy and balanced way!

While at Sheridan, I studied to be an Educational Assistant. A large part of this program was working with people of all ages in supporting their growth, organization and life style to better accommodate them and their personal needs. I am here to support any organizational needs that you have.

I truly have a passion to support everyone that I can, and I hope you are one of them!

I am extremely organized, I have amazing time management skills, I can effectively and efficiently use a keyboard and computer as well as their systems, I value you as a person and respect that time is precious, and I have a high enthusiasm to learn new things without hesitation.

I am still on a journey, and one thing I believe strongly in is that everything happens for a reason and supporting each other is a stepping stone to success. So please, allow me to support you so you can step into your success!

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